Embroidery Specialists

logo-eye-needleAt N the Zone Ink ~ Eye of the Needle, we give you individual attention to discuss your embroidery needs and ideas to help come up with the perfect branded product that fits your situation and budget.  With our years of experience we’ll help guide you through the process to make your embroidery order easy and stress free.

Build Your Brand with Custom Embroidery

Quality Digitizing = Quality Embroidery = Quality Finished Product

Embroidery has been around for centuries, but never before has it become such a symbol of professionalism and exclusive pride of one’s business. Embroidered logo wear shows ownership of experience and high standards and holds true to the branding of your company. Quality embroidery is our calling card. It is what we do in both product and customer service.


Digitizing is a method of preparing your logo or design for the embroidery process. N the Zone Ink ~ Eye of the Needle has years of experience creating quality that is evident in all our products. We will stitch out a sample of your logo so you can see how it will look in stitches before we ever start your order. We will never stitch your logo without your “I love it” approval.

Color Options

At N the Zone Ink ~ Eye of the Needle, we carry a large selection of thread colors and will bring in custom colors if your project requires them. If you give us the PMS numbers for your particular logo we will do our best to match it.

We always suggest you consider how your logo will look on various garment colors. We often will set up a dark garment logo and a light garment logo as well as a one color version. This will give you a wider selection of garment styles and looks to choose from.

Creative locations

We love to encourage our clients to be creative with their embroidered logo placements. There are a number of ways to place your logo, tag line or web address on garments to give them an updated or even edgy look. We’re happy to show you a variety of options that you may not have considered that can make your brand really shine.

We have embroidered on lots of interesting items such as horse blankets, golf bags, suitcases, computer bags, lace, leather and automobile wheel covers. If we can hoop it and get it on the embroidery machine, we can usually stitch it! It is fun to think of creative ways to get your company in front of people.


Embroidery Q&A

What is a Stitch Count?
A stitch count is the number of embroidery stitches it takes to create a logo. A big logo will take more stitches than a small logo. The stitch count helps determine the complexity of the logo and the time required. So the higher the stitch count the higher the price. A stitch count is determined in the Digitizing setup of the logo.

What is Digitizing?
Digitizing is the process of setting up your logo or design for embroidery. It is a digital process done through embroidery software that will tell our machines how to create your logo. Our Digitizers have years of experience creating quality embroidery. The Digitizing process is very important in the quality of your finished embroidered logo. That’s were the magic is created.

Why do I pay a Digitizing Fee?
A Digitizing Fee covers the digital setup process of your logo so our embroidery machines know what to do. This quality of this process is very important to the quality of the finished product.

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